CRS90 can be used in buildings of any type (residential, commercial, industrial) with a height of 30 m and above, including in preschool and school institutions.

The CRS90 provides for 2 types of filling:

– grid (square picket fence);
– glas (thickness from 6 mm to 10 mm).

Main characteristics of system:
The main elements of the CRS90 are an extruded aluminum profile made of AlMgSi 6060-T6 alloy, manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN-12020-2. The mechanical properties of the seals meet the requirements of the standards.
The connecting and fastening products used in CRS90 (self-tapping screws, bolts, etc.) are made of A2 stainless steel.

The recommended height of fences is at least 1000 mm. Gap between bottom guide and bottom surface of the mounting plate of the rack should not exceed 30 mm – for balconies and terraces and 100 mm – for flights of stairs and landings. The recommended distance between the posts is 1000-1200 mm. In the case of grid filling, the recommended distance between two rods is 100 mm.